Solution for conflict with Sophos Antivirus
When using Safetica on stations with Sophos Antivirus and Windows 8 or newer, you may encounter issues with Safetica not blocking or reporting network activity, such as file uploads. This behavior is caused by a conflict between Safetica and Sophos on Windows 10, and can be resolved as follows:
  1. Identify stations affected by the issue:
    Open Safetica Console - Maintenance - Endpoint Management. Look for stations with Windows 8 network layer.
  2. Download the attached batch file and edit the password if needed. The batch file contains the default password.
    Tip: You can change this password for your clients in Safetica Console - Maintenance - Client settings - Password for local administration.
  3. Run the batch file as Administrator on all computers with Windows 8 layer.
You can check the installed network layer using this command:
C:\Program Files\Safetica\STCService.exe -checklayer | more
The correct result should be "LSP is installed as network layer". If you will see "WFP is installed as network layer" it means that the script didn't work probably due to incorrect password for local administration.