Safetica Mobile enrollment
Safetica Mobile is installed on mobile device using invitations, which are sent on user's email. Each user can have assigned multiple devices by using one email address.

Safetica Mobile enrollment step by step:


  1. In WebSafetica open Device Management > Mobile Devices and click on Add device.
  2. Choose user you want to sent invitation to. You can also edit email address.
  3. Click on Send invitation.

Mobile device

  1. Open invitation in mailbox and click on Accept invitation.
  2. Choose application profile according to device usage.
  3. Depending on the device platform next steps will be:


  1. You'll be redirected to profile installation. Approve needed rights (Device management).
  2. Application will start to download shortly, allow its installation and move on desktop.
  3. Run Safetica Mobile from desktop and allow rights for notification and localization.


  1. You'll be redirected to Play store with Safetica Mobile application, choose Install and approve rights for Device management.
  2. Open Safetica Mobile and fill email address (sometimes it's filled automatically).