Mobile devices are shown in Management > Mobile devices. For detailed info and anti-theft function click on device name. Safetica Mobile communicates via network technology and is dependent on wi-fi or mobile data connection. Operations sent on offline device are executed once device is online again.

My mobile has been stolen

No need to panic. Anti-theft operations are here just for this case.

1. Lock device

  • First step is to make sure your device cannot be manipulated. Device lock will be executed in few seconds.

2. Localize device

  • Once device is secured by screen lock, next priority is to find its position.
  • GPS have to be enabled for successful localization, otherwise last known position is shown.

3. Wipe device

  • Wipe device is used to ensure your sensitive data is cleared and the attacker is not able to reach them across security measures.
  • This operation is definitive, device is set back to factory settings.
  • Device in Personal mode can't be cleared.