Safetica support for Lotus Notes
Lotus Notes (Domino) is a system from IBM which, apart from providing email client, also integrates other office systems including document management, instant messenger and other applications. Many companies specialize in providing extensions and modifications of Lotus Notes. It’s a platform which each organization uses in a slightly different way. Because of IBM Notes variability, the answer to question of compatibility with Safetica client is a bit more complicated.
The Lotus Notes email client can run in two modes - either using proprietary Lotus Notes protocol, or the standard POP3/IMAP-SMTP protocols. The first option is not supported for monitoring, niether for data transmission management via email. The second option is supported by Safetica similarly to any other standard email client.
There is a catch when using all the tools from IBM Notes, not only email client. Safetica sees IBM Notes as a “blackbox”, which means in case of uploading sensitive file (to email or instant messenger), the whole application will be restricted by this settings (for example when user will send document to network, which is denied, user will not be able to send any email till application is restarted).
We have successfully implemented Safetica in environments with significant presence of IBM Notes. The implementation was adjusted to specific use of this system as well as to processes within the organization. For every single customer, we aim to harmonize the product, so it adapts to existing processes as much as possible. If there is a situation that due to processes there is some functionality missing, we will deliver an alternative recommendation on how to secure the data.