When installing Safetica to endpoints, you may encounter the message "Conflicting software was found". In this article you will find basic scenarios what conflicts may occur.


DLP software

Safetica is providing DLP solution. which requires advanced integration in OS. When two DLP software are installed, there might be a conflict resulting in computer (or application) malfunction.

SodatSW, GFI, CoSoSys, CISCO, Check Point , McAfee, RSA, Symantec, Trend Micro, Websense, AuditPro (truconneXion), MiCoS SOFTWARE, Ryant, Pinya, ESET DC, Sophos, DriveLock, DeviceLock, Egosecure, itWatch, Fortinet


Network layer conflict

Safetica uses specific technology for managing network traffic. Following software  might cause conflict with this technology.

Atom Security, DyKnow, Infoweise, KeepMyFamilySecure, Komodia, Kurupira, Lavasoft, Lenovo, Qustodio, Superfish, UtilTool Ltd, Websecure Ltd, Staffcop, Easy hide IP Classic, Hide-my-ip


Antivirus software and security

Make sure that you have added exception for Safetica processes. With the following software Safetica might not be compatible.

COMODO Internet Security
Partially compatible
Comodo may detect Safetica processes and run them in sandbox mode
Partially compatible
Whitelabeled BitDefender, same behavior
Avira Professional Security
Not compatible
Potential conflict on LSP layer, may disable web browsing and network access, solution not available
G Data Total Care
Not compatible
Observed computer slowdown and distinct internet slowdown.
Trend Micro Titanium™ Internet Security
Not compatible
Safetica is not compatible with TM's network layer (WFP), can be solved by using LSP on most systems
TrustPort Internet Security
Not compatible
3rd party applications crash when Safetica and TrustPort are installed at the same time
Partially compatible
During FortiClient update STProxy 100% CPU