To activate all functionality related to Office 365 it is necessary to connect your Office 365 registration to Safetica. To set up this connection please navigate to WebSafetica Settings and enter your tenant name and properties of an application registered for Safetica in your Azure Active Directory.

Finding your tenant name

Tenant name is the name you specify when signing up for Office 365 in the format: It can be found in the Domains tab of the Office 365 admin center. (

Registering the Office 365 application

To access your organization’s activity data, Safetica requires an application registration with appropriate permissions. To create this registration you must have administrator access to your organization’s Azure Active Directory.

  1. Access your organization’s Active Directory in the Azure Active Directory admin center:

  2. Navigate to App registrations and select New application registration.

  3. Fill out details for the new application using the Web app / API application type and select Create.

  4. Select the newly created app in the App registrations list.

  5. Copy the Application ID from the Essentials tab and insert it in Safetica.

  6. Select Required permissions in the Settings blade.

  7. Click Add and Select and API to add a new set of permissions for the application.

  8. Choose the Office 365 Management APIs and click Select.

  9. Next select the Read activity data for your organization permission in the Application Permissions section.

  10. Click the Select button and then the Done button to save the permission changes.

  11. Select Grant Permissions and confirm with Yes to grant the application access to your organization’s activity data.

  12. Select Keys in the application’s Settings blade, fill out details for the new application key and click Save.

  13. Copy the newly created key’s value and insert it in Safetica.