Introduction to Upgrade Process

This Upgrade Process guide will give you an overview of how you can manually update your Safetica Management Console to a newer version of Safetica.

The upgrade process is broken up into 8 steps that will be outlined in this guide.

Steps of the Safetica Upgrade Process

1: Download the installation files

When manually upgrading your Safetica server you will have to download the installation files first. You can download the latest Safetica installation files from  

2: Update from File

Open the Safetica Management Console and navigate to Maintenance>Update and Deploy>Update Options. From here select “Update from File” and browse out to where you saved the installation package.

3: Update Safetica Management Service

After selecting the files to use to update the Safetica server click the Download and update to version X.X.XX button

Note: During the update you will lose connection to the Safetica Management Server and Database. This is normal. DO NOT close the Safetica console. Once the update completes, the connection will be re-established.

4: Update Safetica Management Console

Once the background Safetica service has completed the update, you can then update the Safetica Management Console. After clicking OK in the pop up box the management console will update. Note: In order for the console to complete its update, the Safetica application will have to restart.


5. Update the Safetica Endpoint Clients

Once all of the Safetica server components have completed the update, you can push the Safetica update to the endpoints with the Safetica clients installed on them. To do this log into the Safetica Management Console and navigate to Maintenance>Update and Deploy>Endpoint Enrollment>click the “Install version X.X.XX on endpoints” button. 

Select the devices you wish to push the update to. If you want to push the new update to all clients at once, select the root device. Once you have selected your devices click “OK”

6. Check the status of the update on the endpoints

To view the status on the updates, navigate to Maintenance>Endpoint Management>switch to visualization mode. From here you can see the status on the update. It will go in this order                   

  • Downloading
  • Installing
  • Waiting for Reboot
  • Complete

7. Reboot Endpoints

In order for the Safetica endpoint client to fully update, it will require a reboot. After rebooting the device you can check back in Endpoint Management to make sure it is complete.